The Magic Formula

Controlling body weight is maths - Calories in against Calories out, and there is a magic formula to getting the balance just right.  “Using this formula you can obtain Your Perfect Daily Calorie Goal”.  When using your Daily Calorie Goal you can comfortably lose weight without getting all those feelings attributed to being on a Diet Plan - The main one of course, feeling hungry all the time! 


Before we continue - Let me assure you, you don’t have to be a mathematician to work it all out, in fact you don’t have to do any of the calculations at all, and that’s because we will do it all for you!  All you have to do is fill in the blanks - Your Gender, Height, Weight, Age and Activity Level. 


If we get the balance right and you consume the correct amount of Calories (IN) for what our body uses up in energy for the day - Calories (OUT)  then we stay the same weight.   To lose weight we simply have to the tip the scales, and reduce the Calories (IN) and or increase the Calories (OUT)  You can do either or, but a little bit of both is best  - The rule of thumb is 500 Calories, but I believe anything less than your maintenance is great, so I suggest between 300 & 500 is good!