Starvation Mode

When we start to lose weight your brain begins to notice the Calorie (Energy) reduction, especially if we reduce our Calories by to much and a long period of time.  The brain believes the body is in a famine situation and food is scarce! 


The storing of fat in our bodies is an amazing evolutionary stroke of genius and what has kept us going through the ages.   But because we still have our ancestors bodies, Calorie reduction evokes the survival part of the brain to take charge and organise the bodies metabolic functions. 


To increase your chances of survival the body tries to ration your fat stores, by slowing down the amount of calories we burn, thus trying to maintain energy balance and keep you alive longer.  The brain also sends out signals to make you feel super hungry - to ensure you get of your bum and go find some food! 


Now this is your brain and body thinking you are in a starvation situation - As far as you’re 

concerned your weight loss has slowed down or stopped, and you just feel really hungry - or starving! 


There are three main solutions to fixing this problem (or tricking the brain to think it’s all good!)


  1. More Protein

  2. Exercise 

  3. A Diet Break


Calorie Tracking and your Food Journal will allow you to use these fixes.  Because you can eat what you like you can up your protein.   Or you can take a diet break and add your 500 Calories Daily Calorie Goal, putting back into maintenance level.  While doing this you will not be losing weight, but you will not be gaining it either.