Why is this not mainstream?

The simply answer is - if you could make money out of it, it would probably be the only way!


Calorie Calculation =  Calorie Counting - Calorie Tracking - Calorie Control, and this is all knowledge based and you can only sell Knowledge once.


In the Dieting Industry this form of weight loss has no commercial value at all.  New food plans on the other hand can be re-organised, up-graded, trended and glamorised. That’s why diet and slimming clubs change their plans every year or so - to keep you coming back for something even better than before!  


And it works, the dieting and fitness industry is worth Billions!  The same applies to fitness plans, but we never question it,  “So! was your last exercise method not as good as your new one? ” 


You can’t get through the day without hearing or reading the word “Calories” it’s on every packet, tin, tub, box, can or bottle - It’s on your phone, watch, menu and health scare headline!  


The word is Everywhere - BUT WE ARE NOT ALLOWED TO COUNT THEM!  “Oh no! That’s just way to hard!”, so we are told by the dieting and fitness industry pros.   It’s a contradiction beyond silliness, because Calorie calculation is the basis of any diet plan!   The real fear is, if you know about Calorie Tracking, you can eat what you like, and that will not make money for the dieting industry. 


Calorie Calculation is a formula, and it works for everyone regardless of their current weight or weight loss goal.  Calorie Calculation is knowledge - Science and Maths - and it works!