Not only is a Gym Diary for tracking what you did or how well you did it, but it can also be useful for:


  • Setting Goals

  • Scheduling Workouts 

  • Planning Workouts and Routines

  • Recording injury and strains for better recovery 

  • Equipment Settings / And Adjustments 

  • How you Feel


Our Gym Diaries have been designed by years of gym time experience and feature the above to ensure maximum attention about you and your progress. 


Choosing The Right Gym Diary For Your Needs. 


We have created various layouts and page designs dependent on your exercise tracking requirements. 


  • Sets, Reps and Done!

  • Goals and Gains!

  • Tick and it’s Done! 

  • The 54 Routine


Take a look inside to find out which will be the best Gym Diary for you.